First Visit? 
Start with your First Week of Unlimited Yoga
only $20

Let your mind and body acclimate and experience the benefits of Bikram Yoga. It may take a few classes to get used to the environment and the way the class is taught. Come with an open mind.

After your first week, 30 days of Unlimited Yoga only only $30*

Give us your email when you come in for your first class, and get a coupon for an additional 30 days of yoga for only $30! That's a $100 savings.

*Must first purchase a First Week Unlimited for $20 or a First Class for $18. For MA/RI residents only. Valid when you present your coupon and purchase within 10 days of your first class. Not valid with any other discounts.
Tips for your Yoga class 
Come On In!

You are welcome to attend any class on the schedule. Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first class.

Get Ready

You'll want to bring a large bath or beach towel, water and a change of clothes.  Wear light and comfortable workout gear. Shorts and a tank top are perfect. If you don't have a mat, we will loan you one for the first class. After that, we have mats for rent and specially designed WAYmat and Breathe Hot Yoga mats for sale.

It's best not to eat for 2-3 hours before class. Drink plenty of water before and after class!

At the Studio

We have Spring Water and Zico Coconut Water available for purchase. We sell the latest hot yoga wear and yoga accessories. Clear liquids only in the yoga room. The outside door is locked for security purposes when class begins. No late arrivals please.

High School or College Student?

We encourage teens and even younger children to attend all our classes. Under age 18, will need a parent signature. Contact us if you have questions about bringing your youngster to class.  Ask us about our student and half class discounts.

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