juice plus+

We recently started selling Juice Plus+ at the studio. After Jayme McDonagh, owner of BYS, found that Juice Plus+ helped her daughter come off all of her asthma medications and achieve well-balanced health, we have decided to share this amazing nutrition. Like Bikram Yoga, we believe in the healing and life-changing benefits of Juice Plus+ and we are excited to share this product with our community.

It's all part of our mission - to encourage healthy living! Watch the video below to start learning more.

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You may also order at the desk or email jayme@bikramyogastoughton.com.

juice Plus+ at bikram yoga stoughton

Through the practice of Bikram Yoga you put the "juice" back in your joints preventing arthritis and helping manage degenerative diseases of the joints and spine. It helps manage chronic pain, decreases inflammation and eliminates symptoms of a multitude of diseases. Because you are strengthening and toning, as well as building flexibility and balance it is great for weight loss, cross training and injury prevention for athletes. Students of Bikram Yoga swear by its therapeutic and transformative benefits.

We recently started selling Juice Plus+ at the studio. Adding the nutrition of 30 fruits, vegetables and grains a day to help the body repair internally, decrease inflammation and assist in the process of preventing and eliminating disease makes perfect sense!

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