In 2015, after taking JuicePlus+ for about a year, my daughter, Maya, was able to stop taking all of her asthma medications (up to 5 per day for 9 years!).  She had decreased inflammation, improved her immune system and brought her cholesterol level to within normal limits despite her genetic predisposition.  She no longer suffered from frequent colds, doctor’s visits and treatment with antibiotics. She sees the doctor now for well visits only and enjoys a healthy and well balanced life. 

After seeing these remarkable improvements and feeling some of my own, I felt compelled to share JuicePlus+ with my friends, family and students. Through the education JuicePlus+ offered, I learned more about inflammatory diseases and how increasing fruits, veggies and whole grains in our diet can decrease inflammation and reduce or eliminate symptoms of disease. I learned also about the effects of oxidative stress and how we need to offer the body the nutrients it needs to repair and recover from exercise and daily stressors.
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Bridge The Gap With Juice Plus+

JuicePlus+ provides us with a vast amount of vine ripe, whole food micronutrients to bridge the gap between what we need to eat and what we do eat on a daily basis. The highest quality, toxin free fruits, veggies and whole grains juiced then dried are placed in convenient capsules, chewables and protein shakes for easy and fast absorption.

The company also offers FREE product to well over a million children every year on their Child Health Study, allowing every adult who orders the Orchard and Garden varieties to support a child for FREE. JuicePlus+ truly cares about encouraging healthy living for families through health invigorating products, education and community support. Like Bikram Yoga, I believe in the healing and life changing benefits of JuicePlus+ and I continue to be excited about sharing this product. Watch the video below to learn more.
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