This is the true goal of the yoga - to create health, strength of self, a balanced, happy and full life through determined, disciplined practice.

Jayme McDonagh


About Jayme

Jayme McDonagh has a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work from Boston University and worked as an LICSW in mental health for several years after graduate school. She was introduced to Bikram Yoga in 1998 and has had the pleasure of teaching this life transforming series since graduating from the 500 hour Bikram Teacher training in June of 2000.

Jayme never expected to be a yoga teacher. But after eliminating chronic pain from a herniated disc and knee problems, building flexibility in a super stiff body and creating an overall sense of balance and peace, she knew she wanted to help others to heal with Bikram Yoga.

After graduating from the Bikram training in June of 2000, Jayme taught at Yoga for You in W. Roxbury. Six months later, with the help of her Teacher Training classmate and close friend, Amanda Page, she opened in Foxboro and expanded to Stoughton in 2003. Over the years, Jayme and Amanda provided exceptional teaching and created a strong and loving community of yogis healing through disciplined practice. Jayme owned Bikram Yoga Stoughton/Foxboro for over 16 years and closed recently to have more time for her children while still teaching locally.

Jayme is known for carefully watching and warmly encouraging every student to ensure they are practicing in the most therapeutic way. Whether it's in a private class or in a class of 50, Jayme makes sure that each person is getting the maximum benefit for mind, body and spirit. Jayme explains that “the therapeutic point in the posture is different for every body and takes conscious and slow investigation over time. Trying the right way, a little at a time, slowly building into the postures while breathing normally, allows the body to adapt gradually and creates lasting change.”

Jayme uses her 17 years of teaching experience, her intuition and her humor to inspire people to connect mind to body to heal inside out. Jayme cares deeply and is extremely empathic. Yet, she is not afraid to challenge students to stretch outside their comfort zone to create the changes they seek. She has helped many to cope and to feel stronger, to improve their health and to apply their yoga to their lives off the mat. Students leave classes feeling invigorated, renewed, stronger, more flexible, more capable and more joyful.
Over the years, Jayme attended many seminars and advanced trainings with master teachers Bikram, Rajashree, Emmy Cleaves, Mary Jarvis and more. She shared her knowledge with every teacher who walked through her studio doors through constant mentoring and supervision. She was dedicated to making sure her studio offered nothing but the best in teaching authentic Bikram Yoga while promoting a loving and supportive community for all.

Jayme uses her strong teaching skills, deep understanding of proper technique and belief in yoga as a sport when coaching and judging for USA Yoga. She has played an active role in hosting and coordinating the regional yoga championships for over a decade. She hopes someday to see yoga in the Olympics, sharing the goal of yoga sport enthusiasts worldwide that someday all children will practice yoga in school. “The more we can promote yoga as a sport, the closer we get to this goal. The closer we get to this goal, the closer we can get to the ultimate - a healthier and more peaceful world."
“We can do our part by getting ourselves into the hot room or onto the mat and by dedicating ourselves to regular practice, to trying the right way and to breathing normally.”

Contact Jayme today for information on local classes, privates in your home,for your business or organization, for workshops, teacher mentoring or personal coaching. Yoga can be used to help promote general well-being, to lose weight,to help treat chronic pain, disease, depression and anxiety. Practicing regularly promotes greater immune health and prevention of disease. Let Jayme design a yoga program especially for you!

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Yoga Philosophy

This yoga has such a profound therapeutic effect on every body, mind and spirit who choose to practice it. It can be challenging, rigorous and yes, even uncomfortable. But when you come out the other side, every class, you feel lighter, brighter, healthier, stronger, more alive! You want to eat healthier and live healthier. The more you practice, the better you feel. Symptoms of chronic disease fade away. You can lose weight, strengthen your back, breathe more deeply and improve your immune system. Everyone can do it! It can be modified so that each person can get 100% benefit! 

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